Tilting at Windmills

So I spent a few minutes trying out Microsoft’s new Bing search engine to see if it was any good. And all I could think was, “why am I looking at windmills?” And then I thought, “Why does a search engine need wallpaper?” And, “Why not images from Belgium? Or from the tiny Republic of Togo?” Followed very quickly by, “Why can’t I just leave my cursor in one place without having to worry about popup text popping up in my line of sight every time I scroll?” Followed even more quickly by, “Why am I bothering with this muck when there’s Google?” Finally, “Maybe the windmills are supposed to represent Microsoft’s doomed effort to take on Google.”

Bing!It’s too early to pronounce Bing (say it like it’s a drop of Retsyn!) a failure. And I suppose there’s nothing wrong with the results it produces. But people use search engines to, well, find things. We don’t need distractions like windmills, or text popping up in front of our results.

BTW, the obvious acronym for “Bing Search” is BS. I somehow doubt that’s the impression Microsoft wanted to give, but there you have it.

And who in their right mind wants to have to admit that they just spent five minutes binging themselves? Well, at least they didn’t name it “Boink.”