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I Thought Hats Went Out With Kennedy*

The AP's Steve Holland says that President Obama is a man of many hats:

The 500 Hats of Barack CubbinsFrom reluctant CEO to chief U.S. medical adviser, President Barack Obama showed how many hats he wears at a news conference marking his 100th day in office on Wednesday.

Shrugging off critics who say he has taken on too many tasks in his young presidency, Obama said all the issues had landed in his lap at the same time and had to be dealt with simultaneously

Then the predictable litany -- auto CEO, banking chief, de facto surgeon general, etc. What's missing, of course, is any discussion over why this much power has accumulated in one man, and whether that's a wise thing.

Oh, we had this discussion in the media lots when Bush was President, and with good reason, too. But just because a Democrat is in the White House doesn't make executive overreach cute again.

*RIM SHOT: Hey, who didn't go out with Kennedy, am I right?