Must-See Radio

This week’s big Sirius/XM PJM Political radio show signal has been bootlegged and made available for your downloading or streaming pleasure. Huge show today. Check this out:


Glenn Reynolds of interviews National Review’s Jim Geraghty and Justin Higgins, the organizer of the Columbus Ohio Tea Party, on the aftermath of last week’s Tea Parties.

James Lileks on the pros and cons of “torturing” captured terrorists.

Ed Driscoll interviews Jennifer Rubin, Pajamas’ DC editor, on President Obama and the return of “That ’70s Show.”

And recorded live at the United Nation’s Orwellian Durban II conference, from, Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon interviews:

Alan Dershowitz
Jon Voight
Shelby Steele
Pajamas’ own Claudia Rosett
And Anne Bayefsky of the Hudson Institute

And a recap of the events of the conference from Jennifer Rubin.

Plus, Ed and I do some cybercrimes (“Yeah, let’s get bandwidth and not pay.”), and discuss President Obama’s very good call and the dangers of political proctology. It’s a helluva show.


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