Must-See Radio

This week’s edition of PJM Political is a big, big, big show:

Ed Driscoll interviews Steven Malanga of the Manhattan Institute and City Journal magazine about his new article at Real Clear Politics, “Obama and the Reawakening of Corporatism.”

And boiled down from PJTV’s nine hours of live coverage of the Tax Day Tea Party Protests, interviews with Pajamas Media/PJTV CEO Roger L. Simon; PJTV co-hosts Allen Barton, Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks; Glenn Reynolds of; and talk radio stars Tammy Bruce and Hugh Hewitt.

Finally, from the “Twitter-sphere”, Michael Patrick Leahy of Top Conservatives On Twitter, and beaming in from Planet Kruiser, a cameo from the man, the myth, the legend, comedian Stephen Kruiser.

And Ed and I talk about CNN’s now-infamous Susan Roesgan, and the CNN/MSNBC Alinsky teabagging technique. Fun!