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Must-See Radio

The new episode of PJM Political is available for your downloading or streaming pleasure. On this week's special cold & flu edition of the show:

Pajamas Media’s DC editor Jennifer Rubin on Judd Gregg (R-NH) suddenly bowing out as Commerce Secretary. How big a role did “A Power Grab At The Census” play?

James Lileks enters…The Stimulus Zone! (Which is like the Twilight Zone, only with a much, much much larger budget. And with infinitely slower pacing, but ultimately much more scary, to boot.)

From PJTV.com’s ongoing Conservatism 2.0 series, Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin on hoping that their kids will have some change left to spend in a few years after the economy has been stimulated into oblivion.

Brian Anderson of the Manhattan Institute on the seemingly daily calls from the left for a return of the “Fairness” Doctrine.

And, expanding upon his new Blacklisting Myself book, Roger L. Simon explains to Hugh Hewitt how he became a 9/11 Democrat.

Produced, of course, by Ed Driscoll and hosted by your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit.