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Must-See Radio

Getting that weekend jones for PJM Political? Wait no more! On this week's show:

• Pajamas Media CEO Roger L. Simon.

• Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com.

• John Hinderaker of the Power Line blog.

• Hugh Hewitt of Hugh Hewitt.com.

• James Lileks of Lileks.com.

• PJTV.com co-hosts Alan Barton and Bill Whittle.

• PJTV co-host Joe Hicks interviews Reason magazine editors Matt Welch and Katherine Mangu-Ward on the future of libertarianism in the age of Obama, and the growing split between free-market libertarians and social conservatives.

• Produced by Ed Driscoll.

Plus, a handsome radio host whose name I've forgotten.

How much would you pay for that much radio? Thanks to the miracle of internet streaming, you can get all this, every week, absolutely free. (Also available by free subscription on iTunes.)