Stimulate THIS!

A trillion dollars, and no jobs? Give me a billion — just one single little tiny billion — and I can get twenty guys adding a new wing to my house in under a month. Twenty guys will get work directly. An architect will have to draw up the plans. The county will get money for approving them. I’ll be forever paying extra property taxes, helping to educate children in my community, so that they can have more-productive futures. And they’ll pay more in taxes, too.


Timber suppliers will get extra business, and maybe take on an extra employee or two. Same with people who make copper and nails and travertine tiles and sauna rooms big enough for, say, half a dozen strippers and myself all at once.

And so that you won’t even need to thank me for my efforts, I’ll just pocket any leftover money, mmmkay?

THIS is why government can’t tax and spend its way out of our problem. They don’t have the answers. We do. And if our own, private answers happen to involve giant saunas and clothing removal engineers, well, that’s our own little pursuit of happiness.


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