Broken Promises

China doesn’t seem too happy with the West right now:

Some rich countries are planning a “great escape” from promises to fight climate change as recession bites and a deadline nears to agree a new treaty, China’s climate ambassador Yu Qingtai told Reuters on Wednesday.

“The only conclusion many people like me are drawing is that some (rich) countries are preparing for the great escape from Copenhagen,” Yu said in an interview. His comments underlined concerns that U.N.-led climate global negotiations in Poznan, Poland, are treading water as many delegates and observers question the chance of agreeing a comprehensive treaty as planned in Copenhagen next year.


Why would China be upset? It’s not like Beijing has suffered any under Kyoto. In fact, China has benefitted greatly, as western nations have, in effect, outsourced lots of its pollution to the East. As manufacturing moves to the Orient, so do carbon emissions. (Not that Europe has managed to even come close to meeting its Kyoto commitments.)

However… if Europe officially reneges on Kyoto, then Chinese manufactures will lose one of their competitive advantages — at a time when Beijing doesn’t have much margin of error.


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