Required Reading

Steve Forbes explains, well, pretty much everything:

Although you’d never know it from market volatility, the financial fever in the U.S. may be about to break. The Treasury, of course, must move with alacrity in removing those impaired mortgages and other exotic instruments off of bank balance sheets. Just as important, the Administration must deal decisively with the insanity of mark-to-market, or so-called fair value, accounting that has forced institutions under severe pressure from regulators and accountants to maniacally mark down to absurdly low levels the value of unmarketable securities and assets, thus destroying entities that have positive cash flows. Congress has made its intent clear: It wants mark-to-market scrapped or at least suspended for a good, long time. Sensible reform here would sharply alleviate the severity of the credit crisis. Foot- dragging on this would be criminal as well as destructive. And the SEC should get its act together on short-selling.


Read the whole thing, please.


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