Synchronize Watches

Why, yes, of course I’ll drunkblog tonight’s debate. Tune in at Pajamas Media around 8:45 Eastern/5:45 Pacific for all the stumbling action.

But this time, there’s a double bonus fun feature! Immediately following the debate, I’ll join a roundtable discussion hosted by PJM Political producer Ed Driscoll, and a cast of thousands. And by “thousands,” I mean, “whoever Ed can get to join a roundtable discussion at 11:00PM Eastern on a weeknight.” Whatever the results are, no matter how ugly, you’ll be able to hear them on XM Radio on Wednesday, whenever the heck it is we put PJM Political on the air.

Anyway, just be sure to click on PJ Media tonight for the drunkbloggy goodness, and for god’s sake at least download the free version of PJM Political on Thursday. If, like me, you’re too cheap to subscribe to XM Radio.