TiVo Blues/Random Thoughts

It’s understandable, what with cable and satellite and all, that the old TV networks have to come up with new shows year round. But do we really need So You Think You Can Hum?, Skipping With the Stars, or America’s Got Socks?


Anyway, those are the shows our DVR caught over the weekend. No wonder Obama left town.

Obama’s got himself in a bit of a box on this trip. A week before going over to Iraq, he published his new-plan-same-as-the-old-plan for getting the troops home. So what if he gets there and finds the facts on the ground don’t match the narrative? Well, I guess he’ll have to find some new facts. Maybe in Afghanistan. Or Germany. They love him in Germany.

Remember when John Kerry claimed he got the European vote? Remember how that worked out for him? Somehow, it’ll probably work out better for Obama. Despite al the flaws and ginormous egos, progress has been made: Compare Obama’s Berlin reception to the one Jesse Owens got in 1936. Makes you wonder if Michelle is more proud of modern Germany than the US.


Meanwhile, McCain is campaigning in… uh… does he even have a press bus anymore? Seriously, McCain ’08 reminds me of Dole ’96. Only I think Dole might have been younger. And less cranky. And got more media coverage.

The worst part? We’re not even in the Dead Days of August quite yet. If you think the election is moving slowly now, wait’ll everybody takes off for three weeks before the conventions. Come mid-August, I’ll be blogging about kitties or Lego or who got canned last night on Last Housepainter Standing. Set your TiVos now.


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