One Hand Defaces the Other

Code Pink likes Barack Obama — about 50 grand worth of like. Read:

The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink has “bundled” more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and pro-troops groups are demanding that he return the money.

Jodie Evans, a Code Pink leader, gathered at least $50,000 from friends and associates and donated it to Obama’s presidential campaign, according to information compiled by the nonpartisan watchdog group, Public Citizen.

Evans and her son, a student who lives at her Southern California address, each also gave the maximum individual allowable donation of $2,300 to Obama’s campaign.


Is this the first time a likely presidential nominee has taken money from people responsible for defacing military recruiting offices? The important question is if or how Obama will return their support.

Another question is: Even if we were at peace, what message would a President Obama send to potential recruits?


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