From the Front

Michael Totten is still in Fallujah. Or again in Fallujah. Or something. Anyway, read:

Every mosque in the city was anti-American during the peak of the insurgency, but every single one has flipped in the meantime. Every day the imams exhort the people of Fallujah to support the American effort. The Marines know this because they have Arabic-speakers who sit in and listen to what gets said.

“What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen since you got here?” I asked Lieutenant Bibler.

“How the people interact with Marines,” he said. Almost everyone I spoke to in Fallujah said the friendliness of the local people amazed them. They expected unrelenting hostility, and for good reason. Fallujah used to be vicious.


Remember those words when you listen to the MSM and our political “leaders” try to spin GEN Petraeus all week long.

Now go put ten or 20 or 50 bucks in Mike’s tip jar, OK?


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