Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

The repositioning continues:

Democrats running for U.S. president have promised to pull troops from Iraq, but some analysts and defense officials question whether either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would fulfill that pledge if elected.

Certainly, the U.S. military will comply with any policy adopted by the next commander-in-chief, including a full-scale withdrawal from Iraq, officers say.

But some officials and policy analysts say it is difficult to see Obama or Clinton, if elected, ordering a swift pull-out once presented with the complexity of the security and political situation in Iraq and the responsibility for maintaining relationships in the region.


In other words, it’s OK if a candidate is reckless and irresponsible towards an American ally.

Obama promised to wreck NAFTA, but might (or might not have) backed off that position, through back channels, to the Canadian government. Now there are indications he might not pull immediately out of Iraq as promised. No need to let the rubes know what he’d really do in office.

And he represents hope and change and togetherness how, exactly?


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