Stuff to Keep You Busy

I have no coffee and a two-year-old. Discuss the following items amongst yourselves while I try desperately to get some stuff done.

Michael Totten has a good read on Hezbollah’s media relations — they could probably teach George Bush a thing or two.


Over at Cumulative Model, check out Aaron’s look at Cass Sunstein’s Worst Case Scenarios. I think Aaron’s right that overregulation is a bigger threat than climate change. Unless, of course, you think that having maybe a couple million humans left on the planet, running naked in the woods, is a good thing.

The Ron Paul Revolution starts… now! Er… NOW! Wait for it, really. It’s coming.

The Brits still can’t handle their liquor.

Finally, Doug Mataconis was kind enough to correct that post from yesterday, regarding SNL and Barack Obama. Turns out Obama was kidding. And you know what? I just find it impossible not to like the guy. He’s got a great, dry sense of humor. You’ve got to find him funny, even when he’s suckered you.

Or does that just make him more dangerous than your typical politician?


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