Any Nuclear Engineers Want to Answer That One?

What does the IAEA know that the American “intelligence” community doesn’t? Just the obvious:

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday that it had confronted Iran for the first time with evidence supplied by the United States and other countries that strongly suggested the country had experimented with technology to make a nuclear weapon, but that Iranian officials dismissed the documents obtained from an Iranian scientist as “baseless and fabricated.”

The exchange was contained in an 11-page report in which the agency painted a mixed picture of Iran’s activities, saying Iranian officials had answered a number of long-standing questions about its nuclear activities but continued to defy the United Nations Security Council by refusing to halt the enrichment of uranium. Still, the amount of uranium that the agency reported that the country has produced so far was small — roughly a tenth of the amount that would be required to produce enough fuel for a single nuclear bomb.


With 3,000 centrifuges spinning day and night, how long before Iran produces the other nine tenths?


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