When You Smile for the Camera I Know I'll Love You Better

For the first time in an already-over long campaign, I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate. Why? Adam Nagourney explains:

Even now, after a string of defeats, her advisers are divided over how to proceed as they head toward what could be her last stands, in Ohio and Texas on March 4.

Some — led by Mark Penn, her chief strategist — have been pushing Mrs. Clinton to draw sharper and deeper contrasts with Mr. Obama, arguing that she has no other option, campaign officials said.

Others, particularly Mandy Grunwald, her media adviser, have pushed for a less aggressive approach, arguing that attacks would not help Mrs. Clinton’s campaign in an environment in which she is increasingly appearing to struggle, aides said.


Take a guess which Clinton we’ll see tonight. If you said, “the Mark Penn model,” you win a pony.*

*Actual pony not included. Offer subject to restrictions in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Land of Oz. Restricted course, professional driver. Do not attempt at home. Only three ponies were harmed in the making of this blog.


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