George Will has a question:

ANWR’s 10.4 billion barrels of oil have become hostage to the planet’s saviors (e.g., John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama), who block drilling in even a tiny patch of ANWR. You could fit Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware into ANWR’s frozen desolation; the “footprint” of the drilling operation would be one sixth the size of Washington’s Dulles airport.

Clinton has an alternative to drilling: Oil should be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve—which exists to protect the nation against major interruptions of supply—as “a signal to the market.” A signal of what? Readiness to release more? All 698 million barrels? Then what?


Next question, please!

Seriously, releasing some oil from the SPR would do nothing but add a little hardship to the future in order to make today a tiny bit easier. Which, when you think about, is most government spending in a nutshell.


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