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The BS Wrap

While I wait for Pajamas Media to edit and post my real post-debate wrap-up, I'll give you the horse race BS.

Tonight's winner? Maybe John McCain. I dunno. He wasn't much better than he's ever been, but the top-tier candidates all looked worse than I've seen them. Rudy looked peevish, Mitt looked defensive, and Thompson still hasn't stepped up his game. Huckabee makes me wonder if Iowans aren't all in on some secret, multi-party, multi-election practical joke to caucus for the worse guy imaginable. And if they keep picking losers like Dole, Kerry, and Huckabee, you'll eventually wonder if I'm right.

McCain looked like McCain, maybe a little tired, but still ready to rumble.

Tonight's loser? CNN. For reasons best explained by... me! PJ Media got my post-debate column posted just this instant. So click on ME! and go read it already, especially if you're a CNN-skeptic.