How Do You Get There from Here?

Mark Tapscott:

We have created a federal Leviathan that promises to deliver something for everybody, with its regulations and taxation directing virtually every corner of daily life. There is no way any government can do that, so failures are inevitable. But over a period of time, as the failures in particular arenas multiply, there comes a point when the many specific failures merge into one general mood of dissatisfaction.

Within the next decade, as the seriousness of the entitlement crisis becomes more evident, it is likely that the general dissatisfaction with government that promises everything and delivers nothing but higher taxes, more waste and policy paralysis is going to grow more intense and deeper rooted.


The problem with smaller government is, even those who genuinely want it, generally want it for the other guy’s programs. A general dissatisfaction with Big Government could provide a political window of opportunity for slashing taxes, programs, regulations and spending. But I’d wager that it’s a very short time between “general dissatisfaction” and “armed revolution.”

Sleep tight!


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