Undeclared War

More evidence that Iran is fighting a proxy war against us:

Afghan police recently found a ten ton weapons cache near the Iranian border. The material included land mines, RPG rockets, mortar shells, rifles and artillery shells. What was most striking was that most of the Chinese, Russian and Iranian made munitions appeared new…

While it’s widely known that China, Russia and Iran have corrupt officials willing to sell weapons to gunrunners, Iran doesn’t want to see any investigation of how arms smugglers seem to get across the Iranian border so easily. Bribing Iraqi border guards is one thing, but the munitions are apparently coming from Iran in bulk. At first, the Iranians will blame Afghan smuggling gangs, who move major amounts of opium and heroin into Iran. Harder to dismiss are the boasts of captured Taliban, citing the support they are getting from Iran.

Why isn’t this front page news?