Harry Potter and the AP's Shenanigans (Updated)

From an AP story that’s making the rounds the last half-hour or so:

As of Wednesday morning, the $34.99 release was being offered on eBay, for immediate purchase, for $250.

“That’s right — I’ve got one copy of Harry Potter 7, on July 17, and it can be yours as soon as July 19. Hurry! Confirmed payment by 6:30PM on July 18 will ensure delivery on July 19 by FedEx Priority Overnight!” read a message from a seller identified as “willpc” and based in Atlanta.

“I don’t work for a bookstore, and I don’t have a magic wand — an online store shipped a copy early.”

Two pictures of the book, which sits upon a copy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are offered as proof. The seller, who declined immediate comment when e-mailed by The Associated Press, has been an eBay member since 1999 and has a perfect “Feedback” score, according to the “Feedback Profile” for willpc.

Here’s your news scoop for the day: I am “willpc.” The “pc” stands for Panama City, Florida, where I was living when I started my eBay account way back in 1999.

As you can imagine, I’ve had an interesting 24 hours, and I’ll be retelling it directly, either here at VodkaPundit or elsewhere, but for the moment, I post to officially call shenanigans on the Associated Press. I have not been contacted by them either by email or in any other medium, and as such I have not declined to talk to them (although I officially decline now–lie about me, and your interview window is closed).

Needless to say, more to follow.

UPDATE: Since publishing my article at NRO, I’ve been credibly advised that the incorrect line in the July 18 Associated Press story was due to miscommunication and not malice or sloth. I appreciate the follow-up I’ve received in this matter, and hold no hard feelings towards the AP or the article’s author.