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Steve Jobs, I Dare You

From C-Net:

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will share a stage [Wednesday, May 30] at the D: All Things Digital tech conference in California next week for a 75-minute joint interview.

Besides a brief shared appearance at an Apple event in 1983, the two have never appeared together in public before.

Steve, I dare you--no, I double-dog dare you to walk onto that stage and say, "Hi, I'm a Mac, and he's a P.C." while pointing at Gates.

C'mon, man, the little dork would flip out. Besides, nobody can turn down a double-dog dare.

UPDATE: Okay, maybe you can turn down a double-dog dare.

At any rate (and in all seriousness), it looks like the Jobs-Gates summit yielded a fascinating discussion. Here's Engadget's running blog on the talk, which is a bit jagged (not a criticism, transcribing something like this "live" is a tough job), but still a great read. Thanks to commenter "vitaboy" for the link and the heads-up.