Needed: A New Boogeyman

For the last couple of years, leftie editorialists at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and local alt-weekly Creative Loafing have been tossing out dire predictions that Roy Moore, the deposed former Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, was, ‘the likely next governor’ of the neighboring state. Moore’s supposedly-certain victory was oft-hailed as the harbinger of a coming “theocracy” from sea to shining sea–and of course, proof that anybody employed by even a free newspaper was by definition smarter and more sensible than those redneck boobs over in “Alabamistan.”

I can only guess that they weren’t quite smart enough to read the polling numbers, since Moore never got within even low double-digits of the uninspiring incumbent, Bob Riley. Riley destroyed Moore in yesterday’s Republican primary, winning by a two-to-one margin.

As a native of Alabama living in metro Atlanta, I can’t help but grin at the outcome. Moore’s political career is dead, and the clouds of Smug over the AJC and CL are notably deflated. What’s not to love?