Still working on the Great Big Glob of Essay. Damn thing is going to drive me batty, even if it does somehow end up being worth all the effort. While I do that (working, going batty, whatever) here are some items of bloggy interest.

Are we winning in Iraq? Osama must think so.

If everybody holds hands and concentrates really hard, we might be able to contact John Lennon.

My town – Colorado Springs – probably isn’t the easiest place to live if you’re gay. But having Focus on the Family as a scowling neighbor sure beats getting killed by your neighbors in Iran.

Why does gas cost so much? Maybe this guy knows.

OP-FOR’s John Noonan
is interviewed by the Boston Globe. If I’d given this link its own post, I’d have headlined it “Nest of Vipers.”

Speaking of the Boston Globe, Harry Forbes tells us they’re still carrying water for John Kerry.

Speaking of John Kerry, he’s still a duplicitous dipshit.

Atlas Shrugs has everything you ever wanted to know about al Qaeda and Darfur, but were afraid someone would tell you.

Our very own United States Attorney General wants you to watch porn. Who said Republicans are no fun?

My good friend Ed turned me on to Finkbuilt. I like it, and you might, too.