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VodkaPundit’s unofficial Eastern European correspondent emailed yesterday. After the Cartoon Riots broke out in Syria and elsewhere, his fellow American expats shouted:


“Fucking Bush!”

This [event] was the closest I have come to challenging this festering Bush hatred that is so prevalent in the Peace Corps, volunteers to administration to country nationals, in a public way. I managed to keep my mouth shut in group situations but did confront some individuals with a challenge to explain what the fuck Bush has to do with a goddamn bunch of nuts calling for all but the total dismantling of Denmark over a silly-assed bunch of drawings.

At one point, while some were trying desperately to understand why a paper would publish such horrifying images, I just said “Piss Christ”. Unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, several didn’t get the reference and I had to explain. By using that example, some were able to finally understand the real issue of freedom of expression since of course they only ridicule even a peaceful protest by ignorant Christians angry at such a thing.

Today I am feeling and sharing the fury you showed in your post. And my anger is almost as strongly directed towards the leftists that have abandoned their principles for the sake of political expediency as it is for the idiots who are attacking embassies because they got their feelings hurt. When Sharia comes, my left-wing gay, female, Jewish, Buddhist and whoever-the-fuck-else-Islamists-hate-friends will have to deal with the reality of the culture they are so fiercely defending. As an agnostic I will at least have the option of converting and being a relatively full-fledged human being.

My greatest fear is that there will not be a defining moment where people finally understand what we are facing, and that this will all continue to drive our liberal societies to continue to accommodate -until we have no society left to defend.

We surely have stepped through the looking glass.


Sigh. I hope he isn’t right – but I’m afraid he might be.

NOTE: I left out the first part of the email and changed exactly one word, to protect the identity of our friend Over There.

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