Late Night Rambling

I just don’t know what to do with the Democrats.

Look at me.* I’m pro-choice. I support gay marriage. I think porn is OK and that drugs (which aren’t OK) ought to be legal. My tastes in music and movies and entertainers are a lot more New York and LA than they are Nashville or Branson.


But with the exceptions of maybe Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, there’s not a Democrat today I’d vote for without first chewing through my own forehead.

Democrats: I’m your target voter! Appeal to me! I’m sick of the Republicans already! Don’t make me perform impossible physical acts! Please!

But they won’t listen and, come November, I’ll vote for a bunch of Republicans again. (Although I’ll probably leave a bunch of choices blank.) I’ll feel bad about it, of course, but I’d feel even worse if I voted for a Democrat.

And I’m their target voter. Sheesh.

In other words, the Democratic Party is doomed.

I don’t mean that the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs or the Federalists. “Democrat” is still a solid brand name, with a couple centuries of history behind it. Losing the name would be like coming out with a new formula for Coca-Cola.

(OK, so that Coke thing has been done already. But look at what that got them, huh?)

I do mean that the Democratic Party as we know it is doomed. It’s history. It’s over. It’s toast. With moldy marmalade on it.

Earlier tonight, Robin Goodfellow thought about the Democrats’ doom and wrote:

That one-party scenario can happen, but it doesn’t last long, and in today’s world it would probably not last past even one federal election. Though one possibility in that sort of case (a party in power freefall) would be for the dominate party to fracture into separate parties. That has happened more than once, actually, though mostly early on in the US’s history. Another possibility would be for a new party to fill the power gap. Finally, it’s always possible for a party (or electorate) to shift and reset the balance.


Robin is absolutely right. Americans could never be represented by a single party. Hell, our two ginormous “big tent” parties can’t do that. If the Democrats don’t survive as they are, then it’s a safe bet that chunks of the Republican coalition would peel away. They could join the Democrats (my bet) or form a new party (unlikely, given that we haven’t seen a new major party since 1856).

There are all kinds of ways the Republicans could splinter in this scenario, and I’ll leave that up to your imagination


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