Forcing the Issue

Hillary Clinton has been angling for something like this for a couple years now:

WASHINGTON – Anti-war activists furious with Sen. Hillary Clinton are vowing to bird-dog her everywhere she goes, starting with a swanky Manhattan fund-raiser tonight.
Clinton’s letter last week clarifying her position on Iraq – which included rejecting a timetable for withdrawal – fanned the anger of some war opponents, who decided to launch a campaign against New York’s junior senator.

“We’re calling it Bird-Dog Hillary,” said Medea Benjamin of the peace group Codepink.

“I’m so mad at her,” said Nancy Kricorian, Codepink’s New York City coordinator. “We will dog her wherever she goes.”


If Hillary “suffers” enough from these people, she’ll finally get her “Sister Souljah moment.” If not, she’ll keep angling until she does.

And when I say that, I mean no disrespect. Honestly.

My anti-Hillary credentials are as solid as anybody’s. But the Democrats need a viable hawk in 2008, a definition which probably excludes Joe Lieberman, I’m sorry to say. If Hillary is faking it, I don’t care – not so long as she’d govern like a hawk.

And come January, 2009, we might just find out.


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