Required Reading/Late Night Rambling

The most brutal savaging George Will ever gave a Republican President was to the first President Bush, back in 1989 or ’90. I don’t have a link to a column that old, but I remember it clearly enough.

Early in his administration, GHWB gave a closed-door speech to a group of high-ranking Federal civil servants – and told them his talk that day would be “the most important” of his entire presidency. And Bush didn’t just throw out those three little words to please his audience. His entire speech was about how important those civil servants were to him and his ideals. If you’re a fan of Will’s, you can probably imagine how he felt about a Republican president making that kind of statement.

Well (as Will himself would say). Will spent about 1,200 words on the back page of Newsweek ripping Bush a new one, in that special way only Will has. You know what I’m talking about – he makes you either want to string him up by that silly little bowtie, or build a shrine to it.

Anyway, all of that invective from 15 years ago pales in comparison to what Will has to say about Bush 43 and Harriet Miers.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to think of Miers. I needed something to say, so I ran quotes from righties who didn’t approve of her, if only for the sheer pleasure of being contrary. I’m still trying to withhold judgment of her until the confirmation hearings