If Elected, Please Let None of Them Serve

Patrick Ruffini has another straw poll for 2008 Republican presidential candidates. About 17,000 people voted in the last one, so don’t miss out.

After you’ve voted, come back here and take a look at Patrick’s list of likely candidates. Here they are, along with my comments in parentheses:

George Allen (too young – also Senators don’t win)
Haley Barbour (too corrupt)
Sam Brownback (too unknown, at least for now, see Senator rule above)
Bill Frist (too tainted)
Rudy Giuliani (too liberal to nominate, a fantasy choice)
Chuck Hagel (bad hair, see Senator rule again)
Mike Huckabee (bad name, uninspiring)
John McCain (I’d vote for Evita Peron first)
Tim Pawlenty (nice record, not a senator, so maybe)
George Pataki (not even New Yorkers like him)
Mitt Romney (can’t carry his home state)
Tom Tancredo (would turn off Hispanic voters Bush & Rove have courted)

And… that’s it. As of right now, those are the probable Republican choices for 2008. From here, the Republicans look a lot like the “Seven Dwarves” the Democrats put up in 1988.