Random Thought

“Act of God” is what the guy on CNN called Hurricane Katrina. To most of us, that means some random and unavoidable catastrophe. Once it’s over, we clean up, fix up, and move on.


But that’s not how others see an Act of God. To them, it’s Divine Retribution in the Old Testament sense. Or to be more accurate, in the Really New Testament sense – ie, the Koran. Those others see Hurricane Katrina as God smiting the wicked.

Well, guess what? We will clean up, fix up, and move on. And while we’ll rightfully mourn our dead, there won’t be very many of them.

Then imagine how many would die if that same Act of God hit a major city on the coast of, say, Pakistan. Thousands dead? Tens of thousands? More? And after, Americans would come in to help clean up, fix up, and move on.

I never believed in God, but I still sometimes think He/She/It must be on our side.

But – nah. We’re simply decent people who understand that an Act of God really is just some random, unavoidable tragedy. We lend it no special significance, and we’ll help clean up no matter who God smites.

In the meantime, if you do pray – now would be a good time to do so for the people still in Katrina’s path.


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