Required Reading/Mea Culpa/Nukes R Us

Niall Ferguson argues in the LA Times that Iran’s mullahs aren’t going away. That’s the Required Reading portion of this post.

The Mea Culpa portion is, he’s probably right – loathe as I am to admit it.


But what about the nukes? Iran is going to get nukes, period.

Iran’s eastern neighbor, Pakistan, has nukes. So does India, two doors down. As does China. Iran no longer shares a border with Russia, but the “Little Satan” and all her nukes are still uncomfortably close. Two other neighbors, Afghanistan and Iraq, are crawling with Americans – and you know we’ve got nukes.

From Iran’s perspective then, getting their own nukes makes a whole lot of sense. And it really doesn’t matter who is in charge of the place.

UPDATE: Say what you will about Iran building nukes, but you gotta admit they make a handsome sedan.

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