A first-hand account from London:

A GP who helped treat casualties following today’s bus explosion outside the London headquarters of the British Medical Association has described the scene.

Dr Laurence Buckman, from the BMA’s GPs committee, said the front of BMA House in Tavistock Square was splattered with blood and body parts were strewn across the road.

The building was turned into a mini hospital while casualties were moved away from the road and were waiting to be taken to hospital.


Reminds me of one of the worst moments on 9/11.

Not sure if I was watching CNN, FNC, or MSNBC, but they were reporting from a triage station set up on the street in front of a Manhattan hospital. From the looks of it, they were ready for the worst. Or at least as ready as could be expected on a day like that. The doctors and nurses and police had taken over much of the street, figuring there simply wouldn’t be room inside for all the casualties.

They had beds, they had supplies, they had equipment. They were ready, the pretty blonde doctor told the camera.

Later, CNN/FNC/MSNBC cut back to the pretty doctor. “They haven’t brought anyone to us,” she said. “They haven’t brought anyone in.”

There was no one to treat. There were hardly any injured. Most everyone seriously hurt was in fact seriously dead. All that preparation, all that smart thinking – for nothing.


The attacks in London today weren’t on the same scale as 9/11. So here’s to hoping Dr Buckman’s efforts aren’t in vain.

UPDATE: Kim Hill was there that day.


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