A Fisking

What follows might not prove to be a full frontal fisking, but certain things have to be said. Also, my humor isn’t exactly in the best of spirits right now. I made some fast and fine friends in London six weeks ago, and I spent the first half of the day worrying about their safety.


That said, here’s Joshua Micah Marshall on the 7/7 attack:

First a thought, or perhaps an affirmation. The only response to acts of indiscriminate murder such as those today in London is implacable resistance — and such resistance means not only retaliation against those responsible and guarding against all possible similar acts, but implacable resistance to terrorists’ desire and aim to disrupt the rhythm of our daily lives and our civilization itself.

Amen, brother. Joshua is a good liberal, and I don’t mean that as an oxymoron or a putdown. As I wrote in a well-received essay last year, “We didn’t beat the Soviets by establishing our own Five Year Plans, and we won’t beat the children of oppression by becoming oppressors.” Life must go on


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