A Note To MTV

Dear MTV,

After seeing your “coverage” of yesterday’s Live 8 concert, I have come to the conclusion that your network sucks like a turbocharged Electrolux.


This was not exactly a revelation, mind you; the “M” in “MTV” hasn’t stood for “music” since, oh, I’d guess about the time of the original Live Aid broadcast in 1985. Which, of course, was a million times better than the pathetic, drivel-soaked and endlessly-interrupted-with-empty-“host”-blather excuse for coverage this year. Oh, and the picture quality was miserable as well. I’ve seen less pixelization in cheap Malaysian VCDs.

What kind of moron breaks away from the first full Pink Floyd performance in 25 years to have some twit talk about t-shirts he saw on a train? Are you people just stupid, or tasteless, or some sick combination of the two?

Never mind answering–I can guess. With the exception of an occasional episode of Ozzy Osbourne’s show a couple of years back, I haven’t actually watched MTV in over a decade, and yesterday I remembered why.

It’s because you suck.

NOTE: Giving credit where it’s due, XM Radio’s coverage was outstanding.


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