Home Improvements

Finally, there’s a ceiling fan in the master bedroom. With the vaulted ceiling, the fan is on a two-foot drop down. Kinda striking. Also, I had no idea how far these things had come since the last time I put one in. No clue at all.

First off, there’s a remote. An RF remote, not IR, so you don’t have to worry about pointing it right at the fan for it to work. And a good thing too, because the remote has a built-in thermostat. Want the room at 72? Just tell the remote, and it will keep the blades going until just the right temp.

Don’t want the fan to run at all during the day? Set the timer, which, yes, works in conjunction with the thermostat. The remote even controls the lighting. Very cool.

It’s not quite warm enough to turn on the A/C, but it’s nearly warm enough to make me grab the laptop and blog from bed. That could get to be a habit. . .

Tomorrow, one more fan, some recessed lighting, and — who knows? — I might even find some time to blog.

UPDATE: Don’t bother clicking on the link to the fan we installed. Home Depot’s links are created on-the-spot from session cookies. That’s right – you can’t permalink to the products they’re selling. Amazon, they ain’t.

Smart, neither.