Mail Bag

Richard Lyon writes:

Congratulations to the MSM are in order. They threw caution to the wind, along with professional standards, and tenaciously pursued the “Schiavo Talking Points Memo” story. Because this was deemed harmful to the Republicans, they fervently pursued what was, evidently at the time, no more than a memo of unknown and questionable provenance. The gamble paid off. They managed to tarnish the Republican Party when this unseemly, but not criminal, memo was discovered to have have been written by a heretofore faceless party operative. They are vindicated and I don’t suspect that they will bother to address the questions regarding their rushing this story to press or the other irregularities associated with their coverage which would lead one to question their motives.

Now that this mystery has been solved, professional standards and their professional objectiveness will demand that the MSM finally investigate the circumstances behind the “Rathergate Memo”, an obviously forged document which was released with the intent of impacting a Presidential election, a federal crime. Of course, this investigation might reflect badly on someone sympathetic to the Democrats.

I don’t suppose that I should hold my breath.

Hey, CBS kind of sort of fired some people – isn’t that enough?*

*You knew I was being sarcastic, right?