A Day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Feel free to feed the giraffes.

I’m not entirely certain, but I think this is a mammal of some kind.

This friendly little guy tried to steal my wallet.

A bird, or possibly a rare cactus.

As evidenced by this, and most protest rallies, evolution isn’t always geared towards beauty.

They must be married.

A monkey. See? I know some stuff.

According to the sign, this is a condor. I’d thought it was a vulture. If I’d have known how freakin’ ugly they were, I would never have gotten so concerned about their endangerment.

I loved this old guy. Just loved him. Must’ve taken 30 shots like this one. Unfortunately, I was shooting through dirty glass and so the resolution left a lot to be desired. Still – I loved this old guy.

Penguins rock.

This was the only lion(ess) in view – the rest were napping behind a rock. I’ve got to get back to Big Cat Country at the St Louis Zoo for better pics. If you’ve never seen it, BCC is probably the finest exhibit of its kind, anywhere.

It’s hell on the lungs and legs, but there are some advantages to building a zoo on the side of a mountain. Views like this one made me swear off the flatlands forever. Oh, and this ain’t bad, either:

As always, we finish with a gratuitous puppy picture.