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Citing this post from Eugene Volokh, Talkleft’s Jeralyn Merritt, guest posting at Vodkapundit, claims Professor Volokh “stepped in it big time Thursday with an endorsement of Iranian torture.” The post in question comments on the execution of 24-year old Mohammad Bijeh, dubbed by the Iranian press “the Tehran desert vampire,” who was flogged 100 times and then hanged. According to an Iranian news account of the execution, “a brother of one of his young victims stabbed [Bijeh] as he was being punished. The mother of another victim was asked to put the noose around his neck.”


The killer was hoisted about 10 metres into the air by a crane and slowly throttled to death in front of the baying crowd. Hanging by a crane — a common form of execution in Iran — does not involve a swift death as the condemned prisoner’s neck is not broken.

Spectators, held back by barbed wire and about 100 police officers, chanted ‘harder, harder’ as judicial officials took turns to flog Bijeh’s bare back before his hanging.

From Volokh:

Something the Iranian Government and I Agree on : I particularly like the involvement of the victims’ relatives in the killing of the monster; I think that if he’d killed one of my relatives, I would have wanted to play a role in killing him. Also, though for many instances I would prefer less painful forms of execution, I am especially pleased that the killing


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