Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on new Chinese law giving Beijing the legal right to use force against Taiwan if it moves towards declaring formal independence

Garrett: “I once dated this totally hot Chinese waitress from the Wok and Roll on Santa Monica and Vine — a nice girl, fantastic in the sack, but dumber than a box of JiaoZi, y’know?


“Anyway, after a couple of weeks I decide it’s time to move on, so I invite her over to the house to break it off. But instead of being cool about it and just enjoying the great Aussie Semillon I poured for us, she gets all wild-eyed and threatens to burn down my house if I ever date another Asian chick. Then she grabs my radio and VCR and takes off in flash of red silk and spiked red pumps like some crazy Chinese devil. Which, that was really kinda freaky, man…”*

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