Needed a lightweight travel tripod, something small enough to fit in the camera bag, but sturdy enough to take some nighttime shots. Got a lot of good advice, but ignored it all. Tripods are a personal thing — there’s just no picking one out without fiddling with it a bit.


Guys are just like that about anything that’s supposed to stand erect, I suppose.

Headed down to the local camera shop, and picked out a beaut (the 714SHB)from Manfrotto. The thing weighs a little more than I thought I wanted: a bit over 2 pounds. For the weight gain, I get something stable enough to do long exposures. Folds down to 14 inches, which ought to let it squeeze into my camera bag. Or maybe not. Well, there’s always the shoulder strap.

Feeling all warm and tingly about having spent too much money, I decided to go way overboard. On the Professor‘s advice, I went ahead and ordered Nikon’s 12-24mm f/4 zoom from Calumet. The lens is overpriced considering how little glass actually goes into its manufacture. (It isn’t a full-frame lens, being designed strictly for digital cameras.) But if you want to shoot wide angle on your DSLR, it’s your only choice. Nikon has a captive market, and they know it.

Besides, we’re heading off for Mexico before long, and it’d be silly to travel all that way with an incomplete kit. And, like, do you have any idea how many extra bikini girls I can get into a single shot at 18mm?



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