Summer Spree

Coolest. Project. Ever:

As US coast-to-coast crimewaves go, it is not in the league of Bonnie and Clyde. It lacks both violence and avarice and is further hindered by an overabundance of pre-publicity.

Undeterred, a couple of students from Cornwall are intent on making American criminal history by spending their summer breaking as many US laws as possible.

Starting in the liberal state of California, they hope to evade the attention of local police officers when they ride a bike in a swimming pool and curse on a crazy-golf course.

In the far more conservative – and landlocked – state of Utah, they will risk the penitentiary when they hire a boat and attempt to go whale-hunting.

If they manage to outwit state troopers in Utah, and perhaps federal agents on their trail, they will be able to take a deserved, but nevertheless illegal, rest when they have a nap in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

“There are thousands of stupid laws in the United States, but we are limiting ourselves to breaking about 45 of them,” said Richard Smith, from Portreath, Cornwall.


(Via Zombyboy and Hit & Run.)

Laws like the ones these kids are breaking remind me of Robert Heinlein’s idea for a two-house legislature, presented in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. One house to pass laws, requiring a 2/3rd majority vote. Another house dedicated to repealing laws, requiring a mere 1/3rd minority.

That would sure make it easier to clean house.


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