Wowie for Howie

Steve and I were both pretty tough on Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post and CNN a couple of weeks back, when Kurtz (along with everybody else in the major media) was studiously ignoring the Eason Jordan story. I still think that criticism was merited, and like Mickey Kaus, I think Kurtz really ought to recuse himself from stories involving CNN in the future.

All that said, I’d be a complete cad if I didn’t take this chance to thank Kurtz for noting VodkaPundit on CNN last week (the site was mentioned several times on Inside Politics’ week-long segments on blogs, first by Kurtz) and accurately quoting me today in a pretty good WaPo column about the impact of bloggers on the MSM.

(I apologize profusely for the title above this post, by the way. I should have resisted.)