Next! II

Once Warmonger Bush is done turning Syria into (more of) a parking lot, Russia had better look out:

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – President Bush urged Europe on Monday to move past Iraq war divisions and work together to advance Middle East peace and put pressure on Russia to renew its commitment to democracy.

“Together we can once again set history on a hopeful course,” Bush said in a keynote speech in Brussels, home of the European Union and NATO, pledging to work in partnership with Europe in implicit contrast to the much-criticized go-it-alone thrust of his first term in office.

The speech, on the first day of a European tour, set the tone for his first trip to the continent since beginning his second term a month ago.


That’s right, chickenhawks, Bush is set to unleash the EU on Holy Mother Russia.

All kidding aside, applying moral pressure is exactly what the EU should be good at in foreign affairs. Let’s see if they can do any good in Moscow.


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