Road Rash II

As we read earlier, California is considering a per-mile-driven car tax, to make up for the shortfall in gas-tax revenue caused by hybrid vehicles. Thing is, California already has a per-mile car tax in place: It’s called the gas tax.

Don’t follow? Then think about it. You drive X number of miles. Your car gets Y number of miles per gallon. You pay Z in gas taxes per gallon. Do the math, and you’ll see what I mean.

And the best part for environmentally-conscious folks like the California legislature, the current tax is quite progressive. The more gas you use and the more the harm you cause to the environment, the more you pay.

What California’s Democrats are now considering is: Each driver would pay a fixed amount per mile driven, no matter if he’s behind the wheel of a 50-MPG hybrid or a gas-guzzling Hummer H1.

Who’d have thunk Democrats would have become such fans of an evil, regressive flat tax?

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