Howard Kurtz reports, at long last, on the 11-day-old Eason Jordan affair. Yesterday, Mickey Kaus published an email from Kurtz, claming time constraints and the need to do some “additional reporting” kept Kurtz from publishing until today.


Well, that’s bullshit.

Thanks to a heads-up from reader Fred Manzo, I’ve read Kurtz’s piece — and there’s not one damn thing in it I hadn’t already read in the last week. There’s no “additional reporting” here that I can see. There’s nothing new in Kurtz’s news.

Kurtz is getting big bucks and WaPo-level prestige for giving us what the blogosphere had a week ago for free?

Yesterday, when Will Collier called Howard a coward, I thought that just maybe Will had gone half a step too far. I was wrong. Howard is an overpaid and overprivileged coward.


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