Bush Victory Speech

Cheney is introducing Bush. Standard deadpan, business-as-usual tone from the Veep; jokes about delivering Wyoming for the ticket and flying to Hawaii. Notes the record turnout and “a broad, nationwide victory.” Mentions gaining seats in the House and Senate, and the record vote tally for Bush.


“We did more than campaign on a record. President Bush laid out a clear vision for the future, and the nation responded by giving him a mandate.” Strong stuff; a clear shot across the bow for the next congressional session.

(I can hear the complaints now–“How is this different from Edwards being political, huh?” It’s different because Bush and Cheney won, and now have the responsibility to govern. Edwards, thankfully, has no such responsibility–or ability, for that matter.)

Bush steps up. “The voters turned out in record numbers and delivered a historic victory.” Compliments Kerry for “a spirited campaign, he and his supporters can be proud of their efforts.” Offers best wishes to Kerry and his family. No mention of Edwards.

“With [this] trust comes the duty to serve all Americans.”

Bush thanks his family, starting with Laura. Big reaction. Ditto for praising they Cheneys. Thanks his campaign team and supporters. Standard stuff, but done well. “The architect–Karl Rove.” Another big reaction. Special emphasis on “get out the vote.” Bush clearly knows what got him here.

“Our military has brought justice to the enemy, and honor to America. Our nation has defended itself, and served the freedom of all mankind.” Makes Edwards’ cheap words about the mother of a dead soldier look all the more tawdry.


“With good allies at our side, we will fight this war on terror with every resource at our disposal… I’d like to speak to everyone who voted for my opponent. To make this nation stronger, I’ll need your support, and I’ll work hard to earn your trust.” Very nice.

Closes with “a word to the people of the state of Texas.” Good stuff if you like Texas (I do). “Whatever lies ahead, that road will take me home.”

“I see a great day coming for our country, and I am eager for the work ahead. God bless you, and God bless America.”

Straightforward stuff, the kind of short and more personal address that Bush excels at. Not a particularly memorable speech (there was only one Reagan in 1980), but done with class and clear gratitude.

(Joe Klein comes on NPR immediately after Bush, and promptly begins making a bitter, disappointed ass of himself. I change the station.)


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