I've Heard "Vote Early," But This Is Ridiculous

Drudge reports that the cheating began really, really early in Philly (updated):

Before voting even began in Philladelphia — poll watchers found nearly 2000 votes already planted on machines scattered throughout downtown… One incident occurred at 2601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa: Ward 37, division 8… pollwatchers uncovered 4 machines with planted votes; one with over 200 and one with nearly 500… A second location, 1901 W. Girard Ave., Berean Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, had 300+ votes already on 2 machines at start of day… INCIDENT: 292 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 7/7: ADDRESS: 122 W. Erie Ave., Roberto Clemente School, Philadelphia, Pa.; INCIDENT: 456 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 12/3; ADDRESS: 5657 Chew Ave., storefront, Philadelphia, Pa… Developing…

No wonder Ed Rendell has been so cocky lately.

UPDATE: Whoa. This just added to Drudge’s crawl on this story:

A gun was purposely made visible to scare poll watchers at Ward 30, division 11, at 905 S. 20th St., Grand Court. Police were called and surrounded the location… Developing…