Wargaming the Electoral College

Everything is just screwy. This late in the game – there are six campaigning days left – the polls are firming up. Not this year, kids.

Zogby, who has been down on Bush all year, shows him surging. Rasmussen’s tracking polls usually shows small movements in one direction or the other, instead now has a big movement towards Kerry.

Bill Clinton – looking pretty damn good after his quadruple bypass – is going to help Kerry with black voters and some Southerners. Bush is within the margin of error in Michigan. Kerry is ahead in some polls in Ohio. Bush is looking strong in – Hawaii? Kerry is gaining in Arkansas?

Everything is just screwy.

So, how about I give you four maps this week?

UPDATE:, which had it for Kerry last week, has switched back to Bush. Me, I oughta switch to decaf.

First, two tight races.

And now a couple of relative blow-outs.

So what’s it gonna be? Hell if I know.

UPDATE: Oops. An Alert Reader informs me I have Hawaii colored red in all four scenarios. That’s a mistake. It should only go for Bush in the third map. Adjust your numbers (plus four for Kerry) in the other three maps.