No blogging probably until at least noon Eastern. Melissa and I will be attending the Bush rally here in a few hours, thanks to Karol Sheinen.

Honestly, I’m not that enthused. As regular readers here know, my support for Bush isn’t exactly enthusiastic. It’s best summed up by what my bride says, every time she sees Kerry on TV:


Grrr… the idea… just the idea… grrr… that this guy… oh, the idea… that this guy… grrr… could be… president… grrr… of this country… grrr… it just makes… me… grrr… want to…

And then she changes the channel. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I haven’t been to a partisan political thing since college, and that’s more years ago than I really want to think about. But we got great seats, and I’ll probably have a lot of fun despite my cranky self.

Also, I’m bringing the camera along. Here’s to hoping there are funny-looking protesters outside. Check back later for pics.


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